About Amaha

Are you an EAP?

Do you also provide services around nutrition, physical wellness, financial wellness etc?

Do you conduct yoga and meditation sessions as part of your programme?

What is the corporate program offered by Amaha?

My company has associated with Amaha for the corporate well-being program. How does this help me?

Can I talk about my work problems to a therapist without my boss finding out what I'm saying?

How does the corporate program help me as an employer?

How can I benefit from the Amaha corporate program as an employee?

How can I track the progress of my employees?

When can I start seeing results in my employees?

Who can employers and employees contact in case of any issues?

What happens to new employees who join the organisation after the corporate program has already begun?


What theoretical base is your approach built on?

How many therapists do you have? Is that enough? YourDost has 3000 therapists, 1to1 has 300

Do you offer 24*7 services? Most EAP companies offer that

Where all in India do you offer offline services (therapy)?

Which languages do you offer therapy in?

Workshop formats

How long is a workshop?

How long is a webinar?

Do people open up in a workshop or webinar?

Can people ask questions anonymuosly during a webinar?

Are webinars live or recorded?

Is a webinar as effective as a workshop?

Workshop Content

What are some custom workshops you have done?

Do you do any specialised interventions?


Everyone has an app now - in fact there are too many - how many people actually use the app on a regular basis?

Is your app available in other languages?

How many courses can I do at one point?

What happens after 28 days?

How effective is self-tracking moods? How do you know it's accurate?

If the app is free why should I pay?


Why should I choose Amaha over other service providers?

Does talking about stress not induce more stress?

I'm not very sure how many people will ultimately use it, so can I start small?

We already have an app for our organisation. Can your app be integrated into it?

We are already using an Employee Assistance Programme - will it be possible to integrate the other elements of your service with that?

Can we provide on-ground services at XYZ remote location factories?

Do you extend this service to employee dependents as well?

If you didn't find what you were looking for, please reach out to us at support@amahahealth.com  or +912071171501. We're here for you - for anything you might need.