About Amaha

What is Amaha?

What is the Amaha app?

Who can use the app?


What is the science behind the app?

How can this app help me?

How does the 28 day programme work?

Why should I use the app if I am feeling fine?

Why is each programme for 28 days?

What languages is the app available in?

Is it free?

Does the app have a web version as well?

Do I have to sign up to use the app?

Can I use the app on my tablet?

App Features

What are the different things I can do on the app?

What programmes can I use on the app?

Can I use more than one programme on the app?

How long should I use the app?

What are daily tasks?

Who has built the assessment?

Is the assessment scientific?/Can I trust the result?

I don't agree with the result of my assessment. What do I do?

What are the things I can track?

How often can I/should I use the tracker?

What are happiness tasks?

What are Happiness Points and how do they help me?

What is the diffference between my thought goals and my behaviour goals?

What is the Relief Bot?

Who is Allie?

Is Allie a therapist?

Can I use this app in case of an emergency, such as if I am having suicidal tendencies.

What are the features of the app which are not found on the website

What is the difference between chatting with a therapist and chatting with Allie?


What information do you collect from me?

What do you do with my information?

Can I use the app anonymously?

Is my data secure?

Where is my data stored?

Who gets access to my data?

What if I want to erase my data from your system?

Can Amaha access information from my mobile?

Technical Issues

I am unable to sign in even though I have given all my information. What should I do?

Every time I open the app it ends up crashing. What should I do?

Why am I unable to see my goals?

I am unable to signup with my email. What can I do?

Can I reset my progress?

I am not receiving notifications. What do I do?

Can I use the app from more than one device?

What version of the app am I using?

Am I on the latest version of the app?

Audio is not playing

If you didn't find what you were looking for, please reach out to us at support@amahahealth.com  or +912071171501. We're here for you - for anything you might need.