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of Corporate India is unhappy due to high stress, depression or anxiety

$1.03 Trillion

total economic loss in India due to mental illnesses by 2030, as predicted by the World Health Organisation

Unhappy employees are 3.7 times less productive than happy employees

Why choose Amaha’s Employee Well-being Programme

Employees working together
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Built by domain experts

Our offerings have been designed by psychiatrists and clinical psychologists. We bring together decades of experience and the latest clinical science to create solutions that drive real change.
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Integrated programmes

EWPs that offer a combination of mental health solutions yields a higher ROI (9x) compared to standalone offerings. Amaha’s 360° care model delivers a range of solutions across multiple touchpoints.
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Collaborative approach

We work with you to meaningfully deliver and revisit the programme. Your feedback, coupled with our real-time insights, help us tailor our offerings to changing needs and contexts.
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Personalised care

We identify the core emotional health needs for your organisation and create a customised mental health programme. Each employee also receives personalised support for their unique needs.

Amaha can help you build a happier workplace

Our employee wellness programme was not just built to help organisations improve productivity, retention and engagement - we are deeply invested in empowering people to enhance the quality of their life, at work & at home.
Access online therapy services

1-1 support from mental health experts

Employees can access virtual and in-person sessions with the Amaha team of therapists and psychiatrists. We have built proprietory clinical protocols for treatment, ongoing support, and even escalation in cases of crisis - enabling us to deliver quality care to each client.
Overcome depression using our activities

Unlimited self-care access

Our app offers personalised mental health plans and self-care tools for different mental health concerns. Employees can engage with 500+ emotional well-being activities, a mood tracker, an AI-based chatbot, and so much more.
Everyone should feel mentally healthy

Live webinars with leading professionals

Our interactive sessions cover a wide range of areas - from coping with stress to managing mental health challenges. We also offer special training and support for different employee groups - including working mothers, managers, bereaved coworkers, and more.
Take an assessment to measure stress

Awareness-building assessments

We’ve built proprietary tools for assessing stress, happiness, team morale, and more. These not only enable individual employees to learn more about their mental health, but also allows us to share aggregate trends for the workforce with you - so you can make informed decisions about how to help them.
Talk to our chat-bot, Allie

Bot-Based Check-Ins

To evaluate your team’s mental health on an ongoing basis, our chatbot Allie conducts a simple mood check-in on a weekly basis via email. This helps us capture how employees are doing over time and identify specific factors that are contributing to their emotional state.
Read through our resources

Engaging mental health content

Our repository of 1000+ content pieces includes newsletters, videos, articles, creatives, audios and more. These have been built by our clinical experts on specific mental health topics and can be disseminated in the organisation to raise awareness amongst employees.
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What you get from our Employee Well-being Programme

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Live and periodic insights
Our Employer Dashboard platform gives you real-time insights on how employees are engaging with the programme. We also share periodic reports for you to evaluate the programme’s efficacy.
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Engagement efforts
We work with you to drive your workforce’s engagement with the programme. Through a combination of virtual and on-ground activation and engagement, we aim to drive maximum utilisation of our offerings.
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Ongoing customisation
You understand the pulse of your organisation better than anyone else - and so we believe in collaborating with you to understand how we can improve and customise the programme from time to time.

Here are some concerns we've helped organisations with

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Bipolar Disorder

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Sleep Concerns

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Stress Concerns

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Work Life Balance

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COVID-19 Concerns

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Lack of Motivation

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and more...

Hear from our clients

It’s been amazing to see the Acko team’s uptake on a range of mental health support tools and therapy services provided by Amaha(InnerHour). We see this as in important investment for supporting employee wellness and are delighted with the level of engagement we are seeing on the Amaha platform.
Ruchi Deepak
Co-founder, Acko Insurance

Resources on workplace mental health

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