Mrunmayi Adawadkar

M.A, M.Phil

My relationship with psychology has evolved from it being an interesting subject to making it a life-long calling. Learning about human behavior has given me a glimpse into my own story and untangled a few knots. It has made me a better and evolved human being. I bring this attitude to the table wit...

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Mrunmayi offers therapy in

Loss of Motivation
Sleep Disturbances

Expert in Trauma, Mood Disorders
Treatment Methods: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Existential Therapy
Speaks English, Hindi, Marathi
4+ years of experience
Available on live, voice, and chat
2500+ hours in therapy

Thoughts my clients are struggling with

It's tough to resist cravings
I can't move on from this
Everything feels like an effort
I never feel refreshed after sleeping
I feel alone all the time
I get easily irritated


Senior Consultant Psychologist at Amaha from Dec 2020 to present

Why did you choose to become a therapist?

Becoming a therapist was never a conscious decision. As I learnt more about psychology through stories of great thinkers and philosophers, of Freud & Jung, or Ellis & Rogers, of Frankl & Maslow, I realised the unfolding of my own story. As I started training, I heard the stories of others- of shame, of guilt, of courage and of resilience. Gradually, it dawned on me; I wanted to hear more stories, help people heal, help them recreate and retell thier stories. Being on the other side of the table, I gained profound insight from my own therapy. I came to realise the power of talking and safe space. It only strengthened the resolve to carry that learning forward. The only way I knew how to do that was to become a therapist.

What would you like to tell a client who comes to you for therapy?

Therapy is a two fold process- creating insight and creating change. For this to happen, I ensure that I provide a safe space and nurturing enviornment to my clients. I believe that each client is capable of change when provided acceptance and support. I bring authenticity and genuinness to my sessions which makes it easy for the clients to open about their struggles and desires.This alliance enables us to focus on thoughts, feelings, emotions, motivations, the subtext of unconscious and long-held patterns. By bringing these into awareness, we begin the process of change.

What does a first session with you look like?

The first session is a lot about building a foundation for the journey to follow typically involving listening to the story clients have been telling themselves, and identifying gaps in them. I try to evaluate the concerns and problems clients come with, and discuss some goals that we could possibly look at. Since, seeking therapy can sometimes feel scary, it also involves clearing misconceptions and discussing the process of therapy with the client.

What has been an important learning of being a therapist?

Everyone has the capacity to heal. If people can find a 'why' to live, they will find their way. As a therapist my job is simply to do the hand-holding as clients walk through their insights and revelations. Being a therapist has also made me aware of my own patterns, my internal conflicts, my strengths as well as the simple truth that everyone needs help every now and then.

Can you share a quote that resonates with you?

No matter how thick & dark the clouds, stars are always still shining, filling empty space with the light- The Lord of the Rings

₹750 for 30 mins | next slot on 28 Jun