Nidhi Shelat

B.A, M.A

I function with optimism and tenacity and consciously look for the best in people and situations. I believe that a non-judgemental space, supportive relationship and enabling environment can allow any individual to touch base with their true selves, embrace flaws and effect positive change. I work w...

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Nidhi offers therapy in

Self Esteem Issues

Speaks English, Gujarati, Hindi
2+ years of experience
Available on live, voice, and chat


Senior Consultant Psychologist at Amaha from Mar 2022 to present

Why did you choose to become a therapist?

I trace back my interest in matters of the mind to my childhood, where dinner discussions revolving around plays, books, characters and their analysis provided me with the ability to view people and events from multiple perspectives. I learnt early in life not to classify people as black or white but search for the greys underneath the surface. As a teenager I acquired the distinction of being the Trouble-shooter of my class and people would easily confide in me. I often found myself wanting to stand up for and assure the distressed, lonely or secluded members around me; listening to their sides of the story, helping them with problem solving and conflict resolution became second nature to me. Studying psychology further in depth at school helped me gain a better understanding of the nuances of relationships and people and my interest in psychology acquired a new dimension. Since then, the ability to aid individuals in their journey to understanding and accepting themselves so as to live more meaningful and satisfying lives has driven me to work on my skills as a therapist.

What would you like to tell a client who comes to you for therapy?

In therapy with me, client's can expect to enter a safe, supportive and enabling space, where they may express and explore themselves without judgement. I hope to establish a collaborative and fostering therapeutic relationship with my clients and provide them with sufficient time, patience and empathetic listening. In my opinion it is the right balance between autonomy and support provided to the client during sessions that helps pave their path to mental wellbeing. Keeping in mind an eclectic approach I aspire to not only facilitate the resolution of the client's problems, but also foster their personal growth and development.

What does a first session with you look like?

The first session with me is focused on allowing the client to get comfortable, and build a sense of trust and understanding between the client and therapist. It involves letting the client express freely their current issues, distress or difficulties and gaining knowledge about their concerns, expectations and possible doubts with regard to the process of therapy. I try to ensure that the first session instills a sense of hope, relief and motivation within the client for their journey towards mental wellness.

What has been an important learning of being a therapist?

Experience has taught me that humans are complex and layered beings. Each layer reveals a diverse and significant aspect of an individual, but it cannot be perceived in isolation. Rather we must strive to uncover and understand the integration of these layers as a whole. Therefore, only patience, curiosity and persistence can provide the wisdom required to facilitate healing and growth of the human psyche. Over the years I have also come to realise that one can never truly master a field or domain, but one can always master the will to keep learning and upgrade their skills and knowledge.

Can you share a quote that resonates with you?

"There are no facts, only interpretations." Friedrich Nietzsche

₹600 for 30 mins | next slot on 28 Jun