This is what the symptoms of anxiety can look like...

Girl who looks worries and anxious
Uncontrollable worry (you just can’t shake off the nervousness)
Feeling on edge all the time (you’re restless more often than not)
Difficulty concentrating (you’re unable to focus on a single task)
Trouble sleeping (it’s difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep)
Feeling fatigued (you’re tired a lot)
Tense muscles (your body feels stressed)
Getting irritated easily (everything annoys you)
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Try the Amaha approach to Anxiety treatment

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Based on our clinical expertise, decades of experience, and the latest science in anxiety care, we have created a programmatic approach to drive real change and improvement over time.
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Talk to a therapist

Try the Amaha approach to Anxiety treatment
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Access self-care tools

Get recommendations for self-care tools that you can use between sessions to cope with anxiety.
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Consult a psychiatrist

Your therapist will direct you to a psychiatrist for medication support, if needed.
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Join the Community

You’re never alone - find peer support on our anonymised Anxiety community group.

Choose an Anxiety treatment option that works for you

We’re here to support you with whatever you might need on your mental health journey.

Let an Amaha therapist help you

  • Choose from our qualified experts who are specifically trained in anxiety-focussed treatment approaches.
  • Access therapist-recommended self-care exercises to work on your concerns outside of sessions, too.
  • Monitor how you are doing and identify changes in the way you think, feel and act over time.
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Speak to an Amaha psychiatrist

  • Undergo a formal evaluation with a psychiatrist to receive a comprehensive clinical diagnosis.
  • Manage anxious feelings and thoughts with the help of a personalised care plan, that may include medication.
  • Access ongoing medical support via easy prescription renewals & unlimited chat access to your psychiatrist.

Access personalised self-care with the Amaha App

  • Get a personalised anxiety self-care plan with 500+ activities & learn to cope with uncontrollable worry.
  • Talk to Allie, our 24*7 chatbot, when you’re feeling overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety or worry.
  • Use our goal tracker & mood tracker to assess your progress and find emotional balance.
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Amaha Community for anxiety

Join the Amaha Community

  • Get access to a a safe space that is regularly moderated by mental health experts.
  • Remain anonymous and share your feelings with peers in a judgement-free space.
  • Get help & advice in real-time on how to cope with anxiety, worry or stress.

Not sure what kind of care you need?

Finding the right treatment is a key step in your mental health journey. Talk to one of our Mental Health Coaches to receive a personalised recommendation that will work for you.
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